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$350 - All Day Rental (includes Delivery, Set-Up & Pick-Up Charges)
Who needs a water park? The Monster Splash Water Slide with Pool is an awesome portable water slide experience, a great way to cool down at any outdoor event. This massive slick slide offers great value with side-by-side wet slides ready to take guests on the ultimate water thrill ride. The impressive 18-foot Monster Splash Water Slide features a unique attached pool, and a No-Jump top, so riders can securely glide over and over again. The Monster Splash Water Slide offers an eye-attracting color scheme, and its 45-foot length is sure to stand out in a crowd. The Monster Splash Water Slide is a spectacular way to combine fun and healthy activity, and will add value to any Party Rental or carnival.

Dimensions: 45'6"L x 12'6"W x 18'H

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